Basic Exam Settings

Basic Exam Settings

Go to Edit an Exam you will see Settings section, at here you could config settings for exam adap to your required

General Setting

Publish for

  1. Login Users: Only user login can play exam
  2. Sale: Only users buy this exam can play this exam (you need to buy YaExam Woocommerce addon for adding this feature)


Users will play exam while this duration in minutes, 0 meaning unlimited time, when timeout the exam will auto submit.


Users can play this exam how many times, 0 meaning unlimited times

Save Later

While playing exam if users want to save it for later playing to continue, this option only work with the exams having duration equal 0 ( unlimited )

Display Setting

Show Result

When users finished exam, they could view their result including what they doing

Show Ranking

When users finished exam, showing their ranking

Shuffle Questions

For each users play exam the plugin will shuffle questions, it will not like the order questions which you sorting in admin

Shuffle Answers

Like Shuffle questions this is shuffle answers

Email User Result

Email to users their results when finished